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IEEE URUCON 2024 Conference sponsored by IEEE Cono Sur Council and IEEE Uruguay Section, invites engineering professionals from industries, R&D organizations, academic institutions, government departments and research scholars, to submit original professional presentations and full length research contributions.

Important Dates:

Initial paper submission (up to 4 pages): June 30, 2024 (deadline).

Notification of acceptance: August 31, 2024.

Final paper submission (up to 5 pages): September 15, 2024.

Producing your Paper:

Submission Papers should follow the double column A4 IEEE Conference Template.

The official language is English, although papers in Spanish will also be accepted. Only final paper PDF manuscripts from registered authors (Authors Registration fee paid), English written, and accepted will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, as English is the world technical indexing lenguage. IEEE Xplore site.

Structure your paper (Click here)

IEEE Conferences Papers Plagiarism Policy (Click here)

NOTE: To avoid alarms and issues when uploading;

1) verify margins are properly set to prevent EDAS rejection, as PDF/A conversion from Word/Latex can modify margins. How do I configure margins to match the IEEE templates?

2) Check graphics, pictures, drawings, do not invade side/top/bottom margins,

3) Delete all Internet embedded links, as this will prevent EDAS PDF/A paper upload. Will give an alarm in the "Review paper" upload, and will produce a rejection in accepted "Final Paper" uploading.

4) Do not forget to include all manuscript authors (they must create an EDAS account) in the same order as listed in the paper first page.

5) Cite your own work or other authors work (in other science world publications) to avoid and solve high similarity rate (plagiarism) values.

Manuscript Submission:

EDAS site Author Instructions:

Manuscript Submission:

The maximum number of papers that an author can upload to EDAS is two. The number of papers in which one is an author is not limited. Each Author Registration allows the presentation of up to three papers at the conference.

Do not forget to include other authors and their complete data (Name, affiliation, e-mail). Best fit if other authors open their own EDAS account, so avoid any inconvenience to the peer review process and final paper check if accepted. All authors, even authors order, must match EDAS paper register and how they fit in the PDF manuscript itself.

Before Final Paper UPLOAD first author must complete the IEEE eCopyright work (ECF) in EDAS.

Review Process:

Following the review process, the papers will receive one of three classifications: acceptance, minor revision, or rejection. In the case of a minor revision request, articles will only be accepted if the authors adequately address the reviewers' suggestions in the final submission. Only one additional page is allowed for the final manuscript.

Certificates for Authors and Presenters:

Each author or presenter can download their certificate from the paper page, by clicking on the icon next to the (bio) label. The certificate can include the author or presenter name and the paper title.


Download the pdf CFP of the #URUCON2024

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Contact via E-mail:

URUCON 2024: IEEE Conference #63440, EDAS Conference #32341